What can you do?

Are you a West Dulwich resident, fed up with the terrible traffic during the school run? Or are you a parent whose child goes to school in West Dulwich, but you find it difficult to get your children here, particularly in the morning, because of the volume of traffic? Are you concerned about local road safety and air pollution levels because of the school run traffic?


Here is how you can take action!


1) Email the non-catchment schools and ask them what they are doing to provide transport to and from school for families that live outside of practical active travel distance? Practical active travel distance for young children is about 1 to 1.5 miles. Do they offer a mini-bus service for pupils that live further than that? Does it cater for children of all ages? If not why not? What percentage of their families drive to school? We suggest targeting the primary schools first, as their children are less able to active travel, and cannot travel independently so are more reliant on cars. Contact details for schools are listed below.


Contact details

Rosemead Prep - Phil Soutar (head) phil.soutar@rosemeadprepschool.org.uk

Oakfield Prep - FAO Moyra Thomson (head) office@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk

Dulwich Prep - FAO Louise Davidson (head) head_master@dulwichpreplondon.org; l.a.davidson@dulwichpreplondon.org

James Allen's Girls School - FAO Alex Hutchinson (head) enquiries@jags.org.uk

Alleyn's Junior School - FAO Simon Severino (head) juniorschool@alleyns.org.uk

Alleyn's Senior School - FAO Jane Lunnon (head) head@alleyns.org.uk

Herne Hill School - Ngaire Telford (head) Ngaire.Telford@hernehillschool.co.uk

Judith Kerr Primary - FAO Jo Ryan (head) admin@judithkerr.anthemtrust.uk

Kingsdale Secondary - FAO Mr S H Morrison (head) info@kingsdale.southwark.sch.uk

Dulwich College has been pro-active on this issue, and have already implemented and adopted a school run travel app called HomeRun. They also manage an extensive school coach service, so we are focusing our attention on the schools that have not been as progressive.

2) Join our whastapp network of local residents or parents so you can help spread the work. Email: sustainableschoolrun@gmail.com.

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