Our Vision...

A school run that is a safe and social part of the day, rather than the most toxic and dangerous. A school run where children can easily walk, scoot, cycle or take public transport.

Our Focus

We think much needs to change for our vision to become a reality. We would like to focus on three areas we believe will help:
1. New Technology that will provide schools with anonymous school run journey data to develop their travel plans and expand sustainable travel options for families.
2. Junior School Mini-bus provision  to provide an easy alternative to driving for families who live outside of easy active travel distance to their school.
2. Parking restrictions that are vital in deterring driving and need to be implemented around schools. 

1. New Technology

The constant change in new tech means there are several apps which claim to help reduce traffic at the school run. We have researched them thoroughly and believe we have found one which will transform the situation here in Dulwich/West Norwood.
is a technology platform designed to expand sustainable travel options for the school run. It is being used across the UK and extensively in Hampstead, by both schools & Camden council where it has positively contributed to reducing school run traffic in a locality very densely packed with schools.  We are campaigning for Dulwich schools as well as Southwark & Lambeth councils to roll the HomeRun app out to their parent communities. Here is why:

Home Run 1.png

HomeRun provides a moderated travel information feed which parents & staff can post to - a very quick, scalable way to cascade information about sustainable travel to parent communities.

Connected school communities

Home Run 2.png

HomeRun enables parents to connect to other local parents,  travelling to the same schools or a school closeby. This opens up huge potential for journey sharing. 

Home Run 3.png

HomeRun provides schools with anonymised journey information that can be used to develop their travel plans and promote new environmentally sustainable travel initiatives.

Information dissemination

School run data

3. Parking Restrictions

In West Dulwich & throughout much of Dulwich & West Norwood there is unrestricted parking around most schools. We think schools need to be protected by Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) with No Parking infrastructure, patrolled by wardens at drop off and pick up times. This is because parking near schools: 
Pollutes the school environment - vehicles emit nitrogen dioxide & particulate matter which are very harmful to children and reduce their lung capacity. 1 in 10 children in every London classroom now have asthma. 98% of London schools are in areas that exceed the pollution guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation, compared to 24% outside of London.
Creates danger on the roads around the school - multiple parents driving & parking at the same time often creates danger for pedestrians and cyclists. Around 1000 children are injured during the school run across the UK every month. It is the most dangerous part of their day. 
Creates traffic & congestion throughout Dulwich - if you can park near your child's school then you are more likely to drive to it. These school run trips then create traffic & congestion at peak time for the entire Dulwich community, currently estimated to be about 11,000 journeys a day. 

We believe the existing unrestricted parking around schools is having a negative impact across the entire Dulwich community in terms of traffic. However, at the moment only a small number of residents in the school locality get consulted on the introduction of parking controls.
We are campaigning for a change in how Lambeth and Southwark implement CPZs. We want it to be easier for them to be introduced and adapted, so that all schools in the boroughs are protected by no parking zones at key times. We believe this will reduce pollution and road danger around schools on the school run, as well as reducing traffic in the entire Dulwich & West Norwood parliamentary ward.