The Problem

Pupils at Dulwich non-catchment schools

3 miles
Approx average distance pupils live from school
Junior pupils who can’t travel independently
30 minutes
Time-window when all children need to be dropped off in the morning.

Traffic levels have grown hugely in London over the last five years. There are many reasons for this but we believe the factors we set out here combine to create traffic congestion and air pollution at peak times in the Rosendale area.

We know this to be the case from visual evidence;  a reduction in traffic levels is regularly noticed by residents when private schools are on holiday and a further reduction still when state schools are closed. We also have data points such as congestion data and vehicle flows that back this up. See DATA here.


There are nine non-catchment schools close by, with 9,000 pupils and numerous catchment state schools locally. Many of these students cycle, walk or take communal transport to school. However, not all children live in easy active travel distance and there is limited school bus provision for children under the age of 8, in year 3 or below.  Public bus routes across Dulwich are also very limited. This can lead to parents driving the school run, which leads to a large traffic increase over a short period of time.

This surge in traffic at school run times means all children on their way to school are exposed to five times the level of air pollution than at any other time. 

We believe that by reducing the number of cars on the school run, we can significantly reduce congestion and air pollution at key times.